What We Do

Southern Trillium is an award-winning company, providing all aspects of landscape and garden design, installation, and construction. From the initial meeting to the final walk-through, you will work with the same core group. We set ourselves apart with our professional knowledge and licenses. Southern Trillium is a Georgia State Licensed Contractor -Residential Basic #RBCO006317 and also has an ISA Certified Arborist® on staff – Lyle Collins #SO-9986A. Below are examples of what we do for our clients.
Atlanta Landscape Designer

Consultation and design services. Offering hand-drawn and computer designs.

Atlanta Landscaper

Installation services of plant materials ranging in size from groundcover plugs to mature trees.

Atlanta Stone Designer

Installation of hardscape elements in the garden including patios, walls, and paths. Materials include natural stone, cast concrete retaining blocks and pavers.

Atlanta Waterfall Installor

Design and installation of water features. Projects include formal water features, natural ponds and waterfalls.

Atlanta Japanese Garden

Construction and installation of custom wood gates, fences, arbors, pergolas, and outdoor living spaces.

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General Process of Our Works

Southern Trillium recognizes that not every client is the same, and that every project requires special attention. Although the process changes to suit each client’s needs, here is a look at the typical progression,
Consultations are the beginning point of the design/installation process. At this initial meeting, we listen carefully to each client to understand the goals and desires of each project. We spend time in the landscape to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing area. We discuss the budget for the project in order to prepare a design that is affordable to each client.

At this initial meeting, we discuss our fee structures and decide on an appropriate path through the design process. Recognizing that each client is different, each design process is unique and our fee structure is adjusted according to the needs of each project.

Every design is unique to each client. Since no two clients are alike, and no two landscapes are alike, no two designs are alike. Every landscape presents its own strengths and weaknesses. Our trained designers commit their expert knowledge to create a design that is both beautiful and sensitive to the needs and budget of each client.

Sometimes, our designs are a simple sketch for a small area of a garden. Other times, they are full master plans of a property that will require multiple phases of installation spread over several years. When permits or other approvals are required, we can prepare any additional designs or construction drawings that will be necessary for implementation of the design. These variables, and any applicable fees, are openly discussed at the consultation.

Presentation of the design and any requested estimates is the next step in our process. At this meeting, we continue discussions regarding implementation and schedule of installation of the design. We recommend phases of installation and timeline for the project.

Upon finalization of estimates and agreement to proceed toward installation, a final contract is prepared and signed by both the client and an associate of Southern Trillium. Any discussed deposit is due along with the contract, and the project is then placed onto our installation schedule. We regularly operate on a backlog of work, which can be months in the spring and fall, so it is best to let us know as soon as possible that you would like Southern Trillium to do the installation work.

Our installation process begins well before the first shovel is put in the ground. We begin locating all of our materials in advance. If permits or inspections are required, all necessary work is done in accordance with any applicable regulations. We inform each client of what aspects of their project may require permits.

Southern Trillium completes almost all aspects of our installation by our own trained crew. We use licensed subcontractors for any regulated work, such as electrical. With many years of experience, and almost all equipment owned in-house, we work efficiently on every job until its completion. You will be in direct contact with at least one of our lead design team members at all times.

Southern Trillium is a State of Georgia Licensed Residential Basic Contractor (License #RBCO006317) and is fully licensed and insured, carrying both General Liabilty and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. All employees are paid W-2 with all payroll taxes paid. We also offer warranties on nearly every type of installation work that we perform. These warranties vary depending on the service, but each is spelled out in the contract.